High quality AGA re-enamelling services in County Down and across Northern Ireland and Ireland

Breathe new life into your AGA cooker

Re-enamelling an AGA can help make it look brand new again. At Albert Crozier, we will re-enamel using the same process as was done originally. Every enamelled part is renewed, from the doors to the tower rail brackets. Contact us to get your AGA cooker re-enamelled at fantastic prices and to the highest possible standard.

Vitreous re-enameling

We use a process called Vitreous Enamelling which is the result of fusing powdered glass to cast iron surfaces and firing it at extremely high heat in a furnace at temperatures between 750 and 850 degrees centigrade. It is the firing process that gives vitreous enamel its unique combination of quality and durability. Vitreous enamel has many excellent properties. It is smooth, hard, chemically resistant, durable, can be blended into brilliant, long-lasting colours, and cannot burn. The vitreous enamel comes in many standard colours. In addition to these, we will do our best to match any colour you request and can even produce decorative designs and patterns

Bring a new lease of life to your AGA, with re-enamelling from Albert Crozier .Call us on
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